New Wave Water Control

New Wave’s Water Control services include:

  • Open-Cut River Crossings
  • Aquadam Supply and Installations
  • HDD Frac-Out Control
  • Creek Isolation Projects for Stream Restoration and Enhancement
  • Diversions
  • Fluid Transfer Projects for Well Completions


New Wave Energy Services is recognized throughout the area for professional and unique services. We are the only company in BC and Alberta with the capacity and experience to provide and maintain water diversion, frac-out equipment, and aquadam supply and installations. New Wave Energy Services has pioneered and is the first HDD Frac-out Control specialist if its kind. Their methods are approved by the Oil and Gas Commission in BC and Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Our professional services are sought after by many environmental and consulting organizations as the requirement of “due diligence” is needed throughout the industry during HDD operations.

Many oil companies and pipeline contractors value our services to provide environmental protection, supply quality equipment, professional personnel, perform on site equipment installation, service, and continuous monitoring. We take pride in our safety, work quality, and efficiency.