Environmental Commitment

One of the goals of New Wave is to operate in an environmentally conscientious manner through our environmental policies. We are dedicated to protecting the environment and ensuring that all work sites are free from debris, garbage and hazardous products during operations. We are committed to minimizing impacts on the environment by ensuring sustainable behaviors in the workplace. Our goal is to establish and maintain environmental impact-reduction strategies at the core of all New Wave operations. As such, we have set ambitious environmental targets to drive long term resilience and continuous improvements of our services, products, and people in a healthy and safe manner.

New Wave uses, stores and disposes of products in ways that afford appropriate protection to the environment. This includes working closely with all clients to coordinate the disposal of all waste products, and help them reach their ESG targets by effectively handling their water and waste management practices.

Environmental Objectives and Goals

New Wave has annual SMART objectives that are reviewed quarterly by management to ensure accountability is being achieved.

Our environmental objectives include:

  • Zero environmental releases onto the ground or in any body of water;
  • All environmental releases to be investigated regardless of the severity;
  • Environmental awareness training for all personnel;
  • All on-site garbage must be disposed of as soon as possible. If there is no immediate disposal bin on hand, garbage must be contained to prevent being blown by the wind or spread of wildfire; and
  • When environmental hazards exist, ensure there is a spill response plan in place.

Innovation and Emissions Mitigation

New Wave empowers our people to implement new ideas, solutions and technologies to improve our environmental performance on all fronts, and at all times.