Modular Tank Solutions

The most cost-effective above ground water storage solution in the industry, New Wave’s Modular Storage Tanks are professionally engineered, offering the strongest and safest water storage solution in the industry.


New Wave’s above ground, modular frac water storage tanks offer provide our clients with the most cost-effective water storage solution in the industry. With our innovative flanged/bolted connections, our professionally engineered tank panels are designed to provide the strongest, safest, most reliable, modular tank connection in the industry. Ideal for water storage in multiple oil & gas applications and available in capacities of 12,500 to 60,000 bbls, our line of Modular Storage Tanks reduce the on-site footprint required by traditional frac water storage options. Transported in skidded carrying cases, all Modular Storage Tanks can be transported on site in as few as one to three truckloads, feature quick set-up and demobilization that can be completed in less than 8 hours.

New Wave also offers our revolutionary, 200m3/1,250 bbl frac Buffer Tanks for separation of post-frac well fluids, maximizing the reuse of fluid and recoverability of sellable oil. When combined with our Modular Storage Tanks, the Buffer Tank provides our clients with a streamlined frac water storage option which reduces not only our client’s upfront frac water storage costs, but their post-frac, flowback costs as well.

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Modular Storage Tank Specs:

Tank Sizes Height Diameter
39,700bbl / 6,300m3  10’ – 3.05m 169’ – 51.51m
26,800bbl / 4,255m3  10’ – 3.05m 138’ – 42.06m
21,400bbl / 3,400m3 8’ – 2.44m 138’ – 42.06m
18,900bbl / 3,000m3 10’ – 3.05m 115’ – 35.05m
12,600bbl / 2,000m3  10’ – 3.05m 99’11’ – 30.46m
12,600bbl / 2,000m3  8’ – 2.44m 108’’ – 32.92m

Standard Equipment:

  • 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” fill lines available
  • Professionally engineered stairway system
  • Liner clamping/strapping
  • All hardware required for assembly
  • Experienced workers provide dirt work, mobilization and demobilization


  • 30 – 40 mil liners (*double liner can be requested and installed)
  • Geotextile
  • Floating covers offer reduced heating cost providing heat retention when working in cold weather conditions.
  • Bird netting and animal control available
  • Liner disposal
  • Insulated panels