Buffer Tank Solutions

New Wave also offers our revolutionary 200m3/1250bbl frac Buffer Tank.



The Buffer Tank is a professionally engineered tank with three compartments allowing a three-phase separation on well flowback, reducing not only our client’s upfront frac water storage costs, but their post frac, flowback costs as well. This process minimizes cleaning and maximizes the reuse of fluid providing the only separation process of its kind. Not only does it reduce flowback disposal volumes, the New Wave Buffer Tank is instrumental in recovering sellable oil, which increases client’s revenue. The New Wave buffer tank is one of the preferred products in the oil and gas industry used for flowback. It also includes an integrated manifold system and a 2 – 5 million BTU stream coil heating system which prevents freezing, reduces labour costs and increases reliability to work in harsh weather conditions. When the Buffer Tank is used with the addition of New Wave’s Modular Tanks on flow back, we are able to eliminate the use of extra pumps by utilizing gravity flow back.