Health & Safety

New Wave is committed to the protection and enhancement of corporate resources, in terms of our personnel, contractors, equipment, work site, those in our communities, and the environment. It is our philosophy that there is no task worth doing, if not carried out safely. We take a proactive approach to safety and invest resources in our most critical processes by gathering information from our daily field operations. Our safety department conducts thorough inspections and provides resources required to educate and support our workforce where it matters most.

To protect our workforce, wherever necessary New Wave will institute effective and efficient engineering, administrative and operational controls. Training and equipment, appropriate to the nature of the hazard, will be made available to mitigate both the potential for, and the probability of, an incident occurring.

Our safety management system has been designed and implemented based on the Alberta Association of Safety Partnerships (AASP) framework. Every year, we undergo a vigorous audit performed by either internal or external auditors and since 2015, have attained a Certificate of Recognition (“COR”) in Canada (94% for 2021). We also maintain an ISNet, Complyworks, Avetta and PEC Safety database account in a green/preferred status and on an annual basis, perform audits and reviews of the health and safety program. All employees at New Wave have specific roles and responsibilities that ensure the health and safety management system is implemented, beneficial, and most importantly, reducing risk and keeping our workers safe.

There are four dynamic links to New Wave’s successful safety management system:

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